Bali Is The Most Sought-After Winter Sun Destination On AirBnB

Asean News Published 1 year ago on 1 December 2022 | Author TIN Media

AirBnB, the world’s number one vacation rental platform, has confirmed Bali is the most sought-after winter sun destination this year based on searches. In other words, a majority of travelers have their hearts set on the Indonesian province, where the country’s top-rated tourist attractions are located, and there is lovely warm weather to be found all year round.

After two years of isolation, Bali began reopening for visitors in early 2022 as Covid waned. Although travel restrictions have not been fully lifted, keeping in line with other Asian hubs that have adopted a similar harder stance, the Government has definitely made it easier for foreigners to enter by removing nationality-based bans and its stringent testing rules.

The pro-tourism initiative seems to have paid off, as tourism has recovered from the crisis in record time, and Bali is now leading booking trends:

Kuta Is The Number One Winter Destination On AirBnB

Bali is the leading tourist destination in Indonesia, home to several iconic landmarks, including the islands of Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Other than being an area of outstanding natural beauty, where rainforests and turquoise-colored seas can be found, Bali serves as Indonesia’s cultural center.

The town of Ubud, for instance, is known for its distinct customs, traditional dance, and crafts, as well as Indonesia’s traditional terraced rice paddies. All around Bali, but especially Denpasar, the provincial capital, tourists will also find numerous Hindu temples and other ancient sacred sites, such as the famous Elephant Cave and the 13th-century Pura Maospahit.

However, according to AirBnB, neither Ubud nor the cosmopolitan Denpasar was crowned the most desired sunny getaway in Bali. Instead, the title was bestowed upon the charming Kuta, a town in southern Bali that has experienced a significant tourism boom in recent years. Despite its relatively small size, Kuta is incredibly well-developed.

Several hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants line an extensive sandy beachfront packed with sun-seekers who are either hoping to catch some epic waves or simply lie on a lounge all day and enjoy the place’s laid-back vibes. Moreover, Kuta has been praised for its nightlife and beach clubs, considered some of Indonesia’s very best.

 It should come as no surprise, then, that it ranks at number one on AirBnB’s top trending winter destinations list. With a minimum of 50,000 searches, it outperforms all of its fellow Asian competitors, including Kuala Lampur, in Malaysia, and Bangkok, Thailand, in spite of Indonesia’s stricter travel regulations and visa requirements.

Having voiced his disapproval of the Indonesian Government’s pandemic regulations, responsible for hindering the growth of a tourism-dependent Bali for more than two years, Deputy Governor Cok Ace surely welcomes AirBnB’s latest report. Previously, Mr. Ace had suggested Bali’s appeal was diminishing due to the overly strict border protocols in place.