October record for cruise ships in Palma

Transportation Published 1 year ago on 4 October 2022 | Author TIN Media

Palma will welcome 87 cruise ships in October, five more than in 2019. There will be four ships in port on seven different days this month, which is a record for October, and five on one day, the 20th.

According to Beatriz Orejudo of the association of maritime industries, this number is partially a result of the logistics used by cruise operators, since many ships are nearing the end of their Mediterranean season before departing for the Canaries and the Caribbean for the winter. Britannia and Queen Elizabeth are two of the ships set to dock in Palma in October.

One "giant" cruise ship and a maximum of three ships (under the terms of the agreement between the Balearic government and the CLIA association of cruise lines) are allowed to dock in port on the same day. The fact that there will be a record amount this month is because this agreement allowed for extraordinary days with four or five ships. The quantity of ships that use Palma as a base port is another aspect.

Orejudo continues by saying that because operators need time to plan ship movements, extra days were decided upon for this year. There won't be more than three ships at a time in 2023.