Providers of tourist accommodation now required to register with Tourism Ministry

Tourism Malaysia Published 10 months ago on 21 January 2023 | Author TIN Media

Premises licenced to provide accommodation under the local authorities (PBT) need to be registered as Tourist Accommodation Premises (PPP) under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (Motac).

Motac said the registration under the ministry was mandatory as stipulated in the Tourism Industry Act 1992 (Act 482).


Motac said this was aimed at controlling the increasing number of residential houses that are converted into homestays, as well as allowing operators to comply with the conditions imposed and to avoid any complaints from consumers.

"This implementation is also aimed at preventing these premises from becoming a point of transit for criminals because there is no guest registration nor guest records maintained, unlike in hotels," it said.

"Motac urges all such premises to register before any enforcement action is taken," it said, adding that registration can be done online via the Tourism Licensing and Enforcement System (TOURLIST) at

Premises providing accommodation that are already registered as PPPs and who meet the grading requirements are urged to submit a grading application to the relevant state Motac office, it added.

Various incentives can be enjoyed by premises graded by Motac. These incentives include the recruitment of trade officers or foreign workers, tax incentives, financial assistance from the government, and assistance in promoting the premises either domestically or abroad.

For information on the PPP registration guidelines, grading and criteria, visit