Remote Work Tech Startups Offer Quick Fix for Travel’s Labor Crisis

Technology Published 10 months ago on 26 July 2022 | Author TIN Media

Platforms made to allow businesses to hire remote employees anywhere in the globe instantly are assisting governments in accelerating the entry of migrants into their nations to fill job openings.

After partnering with the government of the United Arab Emirates last month, the global payroll and onboarding firm Deel claims to have invented the concept.

By assisting with visas, flights, and lodging, Deel is accelerating employee relocation. As it weans itself off of oil earnings, the UAE aims to pick up the pace to entice more qualified people and transform itself into a worldwide innovation hub.

To draw in and expedite hiring, another business,, is also collaborating with governments, notably Portugal.

A spokeswoman added, "Over the years, our relationship with the government has changed, and we feel humbled and honoured to have participated in numerous projects, but notably, supporting the program for Ukrainians coming into the country."

While every country has different needs, many EU members in Europe have the same urgent need to fill positions in the travel and tourism sector.