Sandpiper ending the successful season with Halloween Boo Cruises

Transportation Published 1 year ago on 1 November 2022 | Author TIN Media

The Boo Cruise on the Sandpiper boat is the final event of the season offered by the J&M Cruise line.

It's a fantastic way to celebrate the Halloween season and get a fresh view of the Maumee River.

Arris Veronie, a co-owner of J&M Cruise line, advised passengers to "learn a little bit about fun things about Halloween, fun facts about the river, and of course, candy and toys are by all means every child's priority."

It's a dynamic form of entertainment, according to Veronie, for all families.

Every year, we do a series of cruises called "the boo cruise," according to Veronie. They are 30-minute excursions up and down the Maumee River, and while aboard, Captain Brian and First Mate Katie amuse kids and families by dressing up in Halloween costumes.

When you go to the river, you can play boat games and buy Halloween sweets and toys for kids that can't. What good is a boat ride without some history, though?

According to Veronie, the Maumee River has a lot to offer, and they aim to learn something new about its history with each tour.

Veronie stated, "We do a wonderful job of keeping the kids entertained while they are on the boat, but they will also pick up some amusing facts and some informational tidbits when we conduct cruises up and down the river.

The cruise line, according to Veronie, just had a fantastic year with almost 15,000 more passengers than the previous year.

Veronie remarked, "Which is astounding given all the bad effects on the economy. "Everyone's entertainment budget is distributed, and we're really lucky that the public has decided to join us."

The final Boo-Cruise departs Monday at 5:30; thereafter, you must wait until the next year.
In November, the sandpiper will revise its schedule for the 2023 season.