State to Strengthen Medical Tourism Sector

Medical Tourism Published 2 months ago on 17 January 2024 | Author TIN Media

According to K. Raven Kumar, the chairman of the Johor Tourism, environment, heritage, and culture committee, the JOHOR Medical Tourism Council (JMTC) will increase its efforts this year to draw medical tourists from all over the world (image).
He said that the council, which was established less than two years ago, would meet shortly to discuss plans for 2024.
He declared, "We will take into account the opinions of hospital representatives and other industry players."
He continued by saying that the recent decision to grant citizens of China and India a 30-day visa-free travel period will help the industry even more.
"We want to promote our services to other Asian countries this year, but the majority of our medical tourists are from Indonesia."
"Shortly, we will also reach out to other regions," stated Raven.
He claimed that to market Johor as a center for medical tourism, the council was considering going abroad.
For this reason, we traveled to Batam in Indonesia last year. "We're going to investigate other locations for 2024," he declared.
The state's top-notch hospitals and lodging alternatives, according to Tourism Johor head Sharil Nizam Abdul Rahim, are among the factors drawing medical visitors to the region.
In addition, Johor's medical care costs are far cheaper than those of other nations.
Additionally, we offer a large selection of lodging options, including hotels and homestays, to suit the budgets of travelers from different backgrounds.
With the availability of e-hailing services and public transport, he added, "it is also easy for them to travel around the state."