Tourism stakeholders urge tech adoption to unlock potential

Technology Published 1 month ago on 13 May 2022 | Author TIN Media

Tourism stakeholders stressed the importance of both the government and the business sector adopting technology to promote the sector and improve its performance yesterday.

Tourism was Tanzania's top foreign exchange earner until 2019 when mining (gold) overtook it after the Covid-19 outbreak devastated the economy.

Participants during the second day of the Innovation Week yesterday emphasized the importance of technology adoption in unlocking tourism potential.

"We can't keep utilizing old tactics to promote tourism in and out of the country." "We have examined how we can integrate creativity with tourism in a way that can develop it," said Ms. Mindi Kasiga, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation's spokesperson.

She added that in a world where technology is constantly improving, it is past time for Tanzania to modify the way the country operates in terms of tourism.

"One of the topics discussed today was how we might employ local creatives to attract local tourism." This might be done through apps and websites related to tourism in the country," she explained

She gave the example of a travel website called 'Safari Wallet,' which was officially launched on the same day and allows customers to pay for safaris to designated sites in the country in installments.

"Many people have questioned the target tourists between locals and internationals since the Royal Tour debuted recently. "The answer is that both parties play key roles in Tanzania's tourist growth," Ms. Kasiga explained.

Jobs Runhaar, deputy head of mission at the Netherlands embassy in Tanzania, stated that the conversation, which included tourism professionals and stakeholders, is likely to result in sustainable tourism solutions.

"Touring is sometimes referred to as a 'white people's hobby,' although this is incorrect. The availability of technology such as the recently announced Safari Wallet will enhance the number of local tourists.

Tanzania is known for its wild places, beautiful beaches, and national parks. "Both local and foreign tourists should visit these attractions," he said.

Ms. Cikay Richards, executive director of the European Business Group in Tanzania, was one of the panelists at the event, and she said that more engagements should be sparked to improve understanding of tourism in the country.

"Tanzanians must own the country's tourist attractions." This is accomplished by engaging with and exploring these locations," she explained.

"It's not a costly pastime, and there are apps and websites that allow local tourists in the country to pay in installments and visit these places all around the country to make it cheaper."