Travel to 37 Countries In 155 Nights With This World Cruise

Transportation Published 1 year ago on 7 November 2022 | Author TIN Media

Beginning in 2025, the cruise line Azamara will provide travelers with that one-of-a-kind experience.

The trip will start in San Diego and end 155 days later over the pond in the UK, making it possible to travel the world without having to reserve several hotels and flights.

Carol Cabezas, president of Azamara, gave Travel + Leisure some insight into why cruises like this keep setting new standards.

This itinerary was carefully chosen to provide even the most seasoned travelers a fresh view of the world, according to Cabezas, with 60% of the ports being different from those on our 2024 world journey.

In addition to seeing the world, guests are encouraged by our 2025 world cruise to savor each location and create experiences that will last a lifetime.

Azamara will incorporate 13 separate free land events, such as touring the largest Buddhist temple in the world in Semarang, Indonesia, and the formal farewell gala in San Diego, in addition to its 46 overnight stops to give passengers a better sense of each destination's unique characteristics.

A $4,000 onboard credit, a $3,000 shore excursion credit, roundtrip business class flights, a premium beverage package for two, and weekly laundry service are further incentives for tourists to embark on an Azamara cruise.

The company's 2024 trip, which unexpectedly sold out, will be replaced with the 2025 cruise on November 10 and will thereafter be available for booking here.

Azamara intends to eliminate the vaccination requirements for all cruises departing from and returning to the United States on December 1 and for all cruises departing from and returning to Europe on March 11, 2023. The business states that a booster shot and proof of vaccination are still required for all subsequent sailings.

After successfully traveling to 40 countries on six continents on the Azamara Onward in May 2022, this will be the company's second global voyage.